IICF UK Covid-19 Crisis: Community Relief Fund

During this unprecedented crisis, the Insurance Industry Charitable Foundation’s mission of helping communities and enriching lives is more important than ever. We remain steadfastly committed to raising funds for our charity partners who provide vital services and support to people across the country.  To facilitate a collective industry response and help people in need during this pandemic, IICF has launched the IICF Covid-19 Crisis: Community Relief FundHowever, we cannot do it alone. We need your support to help people and make a difference. 

How can you help?

Charities expect Covid-19 to cause an average decline of 48% in fundraised income alongside a 43% rise in demand for services*. Many charities do not have the resources to meet growing demand for services and others working with young people cannot provide services due to school closures. This places vulnerable people at even greater risk of health issues, food insecurity and homelessness. For children, the disruption to their education is another significant risk that can have a lasting detrimental effect on their academic potential. You can help by giving through IICF in this industrywide campaign to support small charities chosen by the industry.


Proceeds will benefit IICF UK’s charity partners such as:

  • Scran Academy is producing and distributing 500 meals each week to vulnerable people in Edinburgh – adapting its catering programme for students to provide critical services in the local community.
  • The Access Project, based in London, is now providing virtual tuition to allow secondary school students from low socio-economic backgrounds to continue their education.
  • St Gilet Trust urgently requires funds to continue supporting their clients: people no longer have access to food to feed their families who have insecure work and who have no safety net to fall back on.

Find out more about the Relief Fund Beneficiaries


On behalf of the communities we serve, thank you to everyone who has donated to the campaign, helping us to raise more than £105K for our charities. IICF extends a special thanks to our campaign champions and patrons.





Along with considering a donation, please share this communication with your colleagues and personal contacts to help us make a greater impact. Sign-up to learn more about the Insurance Industry Charitable Foundation, our impact in local communities and how you can get involved in our volunteer projects, leadership and fundraising events and membership opportunities.


Now more than ever, by coming together as an industry, we can make a much greater impact and help people at risk in our local communities. Don’t wait. This is the time to give.