Who we are

The Insurance Industry Charitable Foundation believes the Insurance industry can be a force for social good


The Insurance Industry Charitable Foundation (IICF) is a unique nonprofit that brings together the entire insurance industry to make a difference in local communities by providing a platform for grants, volunteer service and leadership.

IICF UK was launched in 2015 and since this time the Foundation has helped over 1,000 in local communities across the UK, has expanded its leadership to 34 Executive and Associate Board companies and has convened over 400 industry professionals to share ideas and best practice on CSR, social mobility and leadership. 

IICF UK is a registered charity in England & Wales (no. 1163896) and is part of IICF, a charity that has served as the philanthropic foundation and voice of the insurance industry for more than 25 years.

IICF has divisions in Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas and New York City. Please visit www.iicf.org to learn more about the Foundation’s international programmes and achievements.


We represent the entire insurance industry and bring together experienced as well as young professionals who have a passion for making a difference to people in our local communities.

We connect insurance companies with local communities for volunteering projects, work experience and access to diverse talent – to drive social change and deliver positive business results.

We elevate the brand of Insurance by uniting competitors in charitable activities that are meaningful to our communities as well as our industry.


IICF UK’s leadership comprises the Board of Directors and Associate Board of young professionals, who provide strategic direction, actively contribute to the Foundation’s growth and influence the impact IICF creates and nominate social mobility charities to receive an IICF grant as well as IICF UK staff.

The Foundation also has a network of Ambassadors, who provide leadership, strategic advice and/or fundraise for IICF on a personal basis.

“The Insurance Industry Charitable Foundation is an extremely effective way for our industry to help individuals and communities. By co-ordinating our efforts, we can have more impact for a greater benefit.” Dave Matcham, Chief Executive IUA 

We invite you to join industry leaders as a representative of your company on the Board of Directors or Associate Board, or individually as an Ambassador.