5th International Step Up Challenge

22 April 2024 – 21 May 2024


Join IICF in stepping up for charity this April! Register for our unique Step Up Challenge as an individual or team of up to 10 to achieve a new fitness target or enter into a friendly competition with friends and colleagues anywhere in the world. Participants can run, walk, cycle or participate in a range of activities.

Individuals and teams will be competing against each other in this unique four-week step challenge to see who can take the most steps.* The top 2 winners in the team and individual competitions will each have the opportunity to designate a grant to the nonprofit or charity of their choice. For team competitors, total steps will be based upon an average so that teams of smaller sizes will not be at a disadvantage. Sign up today!

How it works:

1. Register yourself or a team: Be a solo competitor or invite colleagues, family and friends to join you on a team – anyone you’d like, anywhere in the world!

2. Track your exercise for 4 weeks: Walk, run, bike, yoga, you name it – Step Up software converts your daily workouts into steps within the app to keep you atop the leaderboard!

3. Raise money for great causes: Participation supports the IICF Children’s Relief Fund in the US and IICF Revitalising Communities Fund in the UK along with charities chosen by the winners!

Sign up today!

Click here to learn more about our charity partners.

*Using the Walker Tracker software, steps are automatically tracked using a device of your choice. Participants can also track a wide variety of activities to be converted to steps. You can view a full listing in the software.

Click here to learn more about the event and to download the Walker Tracker software. Almost any tracking device is compatible with the software and a leaderboard will be updated daily with the results.

22 April 2024 – 21 May 2024

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