Become an Executive Member

Become an Executive Member

Provide strategic leadership, enhance your brand as a responsible business, and amplify your community impact.

Who is this for?

Companies in insurance or with an insurance practice. 

The benefits

Benefits to you: 

Make new connections – Be a part of an international network of +750 leaders serving on IICF boards as representative of your company. 

Make a difference  – Give back to people in need by serving on the Board of a non-profit representing the insurance industry. 


Value to your company: 

Amplify your impact and brand  – Speak at and attend IICF events and volunteer projects to advance social mobility together with the industry. 

Be part of something greater – Enhance existing charity partnerships as a strategic partner of IICF to help build a more socially responsible industry, together 

The role

Provide strategic leadership – Attend board meetings and events to shape IICF’s impact and ensure good governance.

Be an advocate for IICF – Invite contacts to join the Board and engage employees in events and volunteering.

Fundraise for grants – Promote, sponsor and attend IICF fundraising and thought leadership events.

Invest in our mission – Make an annual corporate donation and participate in our annual gala.

How you can make a difference

Advance social mobility – Participate in exclusive IICF events to raise funds for IICF’s community grants programme.

Be a catalyst for change – Join industry-wide events and conversations that advance your DEI and ESG agendas.

Attract and cultivate talent  – Connect with IICF charities supporting young people and invite aspiring leaders to join our Associate Board.

Amplify your impact – Nominate charities for an IICF grant to play a role in our story of social impact.

How to join us

To learn more and get involved contact: 

Wendy Wilder


Meet the team

Meet the team providing strategic leadership and playing a pivotal role in IICF’s future impact.

Find out more 

“Through IICF and together with colleagues across the insurance industry, we make a tremendous impact – helping people facing disadvantage to learn new skills, access meaningful employment and make a new start in life through grants to charities advancing social mobility.”  Kieran Jones. Partner, Weightmans.  

Contact us

Contact us to learn how you can get involved.

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