IICF UK Webinar Series – Being Heard: The Many Voices of Diversity

22 October 2020, 10:00–11:00

Change happens when everyone works together.

The COVID-19 crisis has impacted us all in different ways. As we look to the future and begin to explore how we can build back in a more sustainable and inclusive manner, we must also look for new, innovative ways to serve our customers and communities.

By harnessing social diversity as well as diverse perspectives, experiences and skills, companies can cultivate innovative, inclusive cultures where all voices are heard. In a Forbes Insights survey of 321 global executives, 85% agree a diverse and inclusive workforce is crucial to encouraging different perspectives and ideas that drive innovation.

IICF is hosting a series of interactive webinars to share ideas and best practices on themes of diversity, inclusion and leadership and how companies and charities can come together to translate these ideas into action and build back better together. The series will begin with a presentation on how employees can be heard in the new virtual workplace and will then explore how insurers can connect with charities to amplify the voices of others and to work collaboratively to create a more diverse and inclusive industry.

Staying true to IICF’s mission, our events benefit local social mobility charities helping change the lives of people in our community.

Join us to advance ideas into action to impact in our industry and in our communities:

• Hear from respected leaders representing the industry and other areas of business.

• Be inspired by presentations and interactive discussions on topics of inclusion diversity and leadership.

• Gain new insights and practical tips for cultivating diverse talent and inclusive cultures.

22 October 2020, 10:00–11:00


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