Different Perspectives on Purpose & ESG Shared at IICF’s 2021 Forum

9th November 2021

More than sixty industry leaders joined us virtually and in person for IICF’s 2021 Forum: Placing Purpose at the Heart of ESG. Speakers shared valuable insights into ways in which companies are tackling ESG – each in a unique way while keeping purpose front and centre.  A few of the many takeaways include:

  • Place purpose at the heart of sustainability and sustainability at the heart of your purpose. (Butch)
  • The ESG agenda is what insurance is all about … Insurers have a fundamental role in helping customers and communities prepare for unexpected emergencies. It’s important to think holistically about our role as insurers to build a more sustainable world.
  • Be purpose-led and ensure purpose drives your actions. Start small and engage all employees in keeping your purpose active.  
  • When we see the difference giving can make, we truly feel the impact. We need to not only give more but give more effectively.
  • Revisit your purpose through stakeholder conversations and define what the S of ESG means for your company. 

Special thanks to everyone at Amwins Global Risks for hosting the event, to our sponsors, and to our speakers for sharing their experiences and providing valuable insights we can all learn and benefit from.  

Visit our YouTube channel to watch a recording of this event: https://youtu.be/idu-aPi-Hts 

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