Highlights from IICF’s Forum on Social Impact

1st July 2024

On 19th June 2024, The Insurance Industry Charitable Foundation UK brought together leaders from across the industry to hear unique insights and learn practical ways insurers can deliver social impact to drive business performance and demonstrate that the insurance industry can truly be a force for good.  while raising nearly £10K for IICF’s Community Grants Programme.
The event was a wonderful opportunity to learn how the industry is and can be a force for good. Here’s some of the key insights from the speakers;
– The threats we face today don’t stop at boarders; public-private partnerships and engagement with local communities are essential components of reducing risks and building resilience”
– Data is critical to measuring and mitigating risk but it’s important to remember the people and front-line communities behind the data, and include them in solutions.
– It’s not that we don’t have the resources to solve problems, it’s about having the will to be courageous and distribute the resources we have to make a difference.
– We can use our industry power far more effectively to be a force for good – for the environment and society. We need to create inclusive cultures to attract and grow diverse talent from the classroom to the boardroom- to drive business performance and change industry perceptions.
– Where can you begin on the journey of social impact? Create a clear purpose and vision that aligns business your strategy to impact, resonates with leaders at all levels and create value for all stakeholders.
Special thanks to our Events Committee, speakers, and corporate sponsors AXA XL and Markel who contributed to the success of this event.
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