IICF Ambassador Deepti Vohra named in Inspirational Women in the City list

10th September 2019

As the City continues its positive evolution, with more firms than ever putting issues such as gender equality and inclusion higher on their agendas, a number of trailblazing women are leading pioneering initiatives and creating new ways of working and thinking to bring about significant change both in and outside of their workplaces.

In this year’s Inspirational Women in the City listing, Brummell Magazine celebrates 30 women who are leaders in their respective fields, demonstrating dynamic leadership within their companies and beyond. As well as being innovative thought leaders, overcoming challenges and inspiring others to do the same, these women are driving momentum and achieving remarkable results.

The distinguished judging panel, made up of respected industry professionals from diverse financial sectors, had a difficult task in selecting the final list, applying the rigorous shortlisting criteria. While the women in the listing are from a variety of working backgrounds – from larger corporates to groundbreaking start-ups – each is a shining example of how determination, drive and entrepreneurial spirit are at the core of business success at all levels.

Deepti’s entry reads:

Deepti Vohra
Assurance Partner, PwC

Recently promoted to partner, Vohra is one of only a few female BAME partners at PwC. In addition to her day-to-day role leading the assurance practice in the insurance sector, she is also a huge advocate for inclusion in the workplace. She has a leading role with PwC’s Gender Balance Network (GBN) and is actively involved in many market-wide initiatives focused on inclusion. She is a ColourBrave advocate at PwC, which includes leading discussions and taking action on the topic of race and ethnicity. She is an active champion for rising talent, mentoring many aspiring individuals in the pipeline. She is also an ambassador for the Insurance Industry Charitable Foundation, which brings the insurance community together for important social causes.

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