IICF Convenes Leaders to Advance Social Impact & Inclusion

26th April 2024

One of the unique ways IICF creates value for the industry is by connecting our corporate and charity partners.

As one example, we held an initial workshop on Breaking Down Barriers to create career pathways in insurance for people with sight loss on 25 April.

Thirty leaders from 14 companies joined us to share experiences, learn practical steps to attract and retain talent, and hear directly from people with sight loss who’ve led successful careers. A few insights stood out:

  • Everyone’s journey is different. Have an honest conversation to learn an individuals’ needs; go on a journey with them.
  • People with sight loss might do things a little differently; however, they bring their own unique superpower to an organisation.
  • Create a culture belonging: feeling welcome and included builds self-belief and is often more important than adaptive technology.

Special thanks to everyone who helped plan what we hope is the first of many conversations on this important topic. 

Interested in being a part of future conversations? Please contact me at wwilder@iicf.org.

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