IICF grant to support Spartans’ Sphero Project

25th September 2021

The IICF UK is proud to share stories of impact which highlight the work of our grant recipients. This September, we are celebrating Spartan Community Football Academy (SCFA) who have been working with the local community and their partners to deliver programmes and initiatives that have a lasting positive social impact in North Edinburgh.

In 2020/21, SCFA received an IICF grant of £7.5k to support their new Sphero Project.  To help address the issue of closing the attainment gap, the charity invested in ‘Sphero Sports’, a robotics technology that introduces students to Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) learning in a fun, modern, creative and collaborative way.

Sphero activities encourage young people to plan, problem solve, and work in small groups in order to solve STEM-based problems that are all linked to the national Curriculum for Excellence.  This type of opportunity is not one usually experienced by primary schools located in areas of multiple deprivation.  What do the students say? Most often, ‘This is cool!’.

IICF’s 2022 grant will turn SCFA’s dream of creating an internship programme to allow senior students to work with and support the delivery of Sphero Sports into a reality. To learn more about the programme and to learn more about SCFA, visit https://www.spartanscfa.com/.

Read about the past 18 months at Spartans.

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