Insurance industry raises valuable funds to improve education and social mobility in local communities

17th June 2019

The Insurance Industry Charitable Foundation’s fourth annual Charity Ball raises £125,000 

The Insurance Industry Charitable Foundation (IICF), the non-profit organisation helping charities advocating education and social mobility through grants, volunteer service and leadership, held its fourth annual Charity Ball, raising over £125,000. This significant amount demonstrates the insurance industry’s commitment to creating impact in local communities. 

Held at the Banking Hall on 6 June 2019, the key fundraising event in the IICF calendar brought together 200 industry members, Sally Phillips, award-winning actress and comic, and John Neal, CEO, Lloyd’s, who commented: “Lloyd’s and the IICF do great work through their work in the community that has a hugely positive impact on society, and we should all take pride in what we achieve and the impact it has, with one caveat: that we must always strive to do more”.

Funds raised to-date have allowed IICF, together with the Industry, to help over 1,000 vulnerable people across the country to excel in school, find meaningful employment and make a new start in life.

Attendees of the event were able to see this in action with grant recipient Amaze, who delivered a speech describing the work they are doing to help young people with special educational needs to lead independent lives and to provide an invaluable support network to their families.

Earlier this year the IICF published a whitepaper from its Millennial Ideas Summit in New York, which stated how as the insurance workforce ages, the industry needs to actively engage more young people in what it means to develop and enjoy an insurance career. One of the main findings revealed that social responsibility was a key way to engage millennials who view giving back as a top priority.

Acknowledging this trend, the IICF announced the second Above & Beyond’ awards, presented by David Brosnan, CEO of CNA Hardy and member of the IICF UK Board.

These are awarded to young professionals who have made an outstanding contribution to the IICF and, as such, the community, as Associate Board members over the last 12 months. This year, the awards went to Louisa Lombardo, Head of Diversity and Inclusion at Chubb and Sean Monks, Commercial Insurance Lawyer at DWF.

“Every year we are seeing an increasing level of support for the IICF as giving back is now at the very top of the agenda for many companies and insurance professionals of all ages. Through the combined network of contacts, influence and resources that the insurance industry can offer, we have been able to raise awareness and vita

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