Property Casualty 360 features IICF work with St Giles

22nd October 2023

Insurance magazine PropertyCasualty360 features the positive impact of St Giles and Insurance Industry Charitable Foundation UK during our annual #IICFWeekofGiving in an article titled ‘How the pantry at St Giles Trust and IICF are nourishing futures’.

“Inspired by the good work of the St Giles Trust and St Giles Pantry, the Insurance Industry Charitable Foundation (IICF) has organized volunteers to assist us in our efforts.

Eshani Gheewala, Senior Corporate Partnerships Officer, St Giles Trust.

“Over the past year, IICF volunteers assisted at our Pantries in South and West London. IICF volunteers assisted our delivery drivers by loading up the vans and accompanying them to the sites to help unload the groceries and stock the shelves…

“This year, for IICF’s annual Week of Giving in October, we will once again welcome IICF volunteers to our Pantry network. With IICF’s valuable support, deliveries and restocking are faster and more efficient, allowing these healthy meals to get in front of those who need them.”

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