Proud to support Social Mobility Day

13th June 2024

We’re proud to support Social Mobility Day 2024.

IICF believes that everyone should be able to achieve their full potential, regardless of where they might have started out in life. That is why we are bringing the industry together to change live and improve social mobility in the UK. 

IICF is driving change in four ways:

1.     We award grants to social mobility charities nominated by the industry. We’ve changed the lives of 7,200 people from under-served communities nationwide.
2.     We connect our charity and corporate partners to create access to diverse talent, share skills, and raise awareness of different forms of diversity.
3.     We convene industry leaders at events such as our annual Forum on Social Impact to share best practices, take practical steps forward and raise funds for future grants.
4.     We offer an industry-wide platform for volunteering to increase ways employees can make a difference.

Hearing stories from our grant recipients at events, sharing volunteer experiences and learning that companies have partnered with or hired someone from one of our grant-recipient charities are a few of the many moments that have mattered to us. What IICF moment about social mobility stands out to you?  Please share your story and show your support @SocialMobilityDay.

Visit to learn more about IICF and how you can work with us to advance social mobility.

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