Supporting Advance with an emergency grant

12th June 2020

Throughout the pandemic, the IICF has continued to support our charities through an industry-wide campaign, IICF UK COVID-19 Crisis: Community Relief Fund, through which nearly £75,000 has been raised.

At a time where smaller charities are truly struggling to continue to provide the services they do on a regular basis, the IICF has been able to step in to provide that support.

IICF UK recently virtually presented a £2,500 grant to Advance to help the growing number of women facing domestic abuse, made possible by a donation by CNA Hardy to the COVID-19 Crisis: IICF Community Relief Fund.

The IICF has already made one award this month to St Giles Trust and plans also to award a grant to Scran Academy.

Meghan Field, Director of Business Development and Insights, Advance said: “Thank you so very much! This is excellent news and Advance is extremely grateful to be the recipient of this grant.”

“On behalf of IICF, I want to say thank you to all of our supporters for the role they have played in our success to-date. I am proud to have seen the IICF represent the insurance industry as its charitable foundation for the past five years, giving voice to the remarkable and collective good work achieved by companies and individuals in our community. We look forward to going even further in the next five years!” said Wendy Wilder, Executive Director of IICF UK.

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Watch our video below of the virtual cheque handover to Advance. It features:
Wendy Wilder, Executive Director of IICF UK;
Meghan Field, Director of Business Development and Insights, Advance.

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