Three ways the IICF brings the industry’s social purpose to life

25th March 2021

The Insurance Industry Charitable Foundation UK improves the lives of vulnerable and disadvantaged people by presenting a coordinated industry approach to grant giving, volunteering and leadership.

Wendy Wilder, executive director of the IICF UK, explains how more people can get involved.

At its core, insurance creates tremendous value for the communities in which we live and work.

Insurance allows people and businesses to protect themselves from risk and helps them become – and remain – prosperous and resilient. It helps transform society by encouraging development and supporting economic growth.

The Insurance Industry Charitable Foundation recognises that companies can achieve greater social impact together. We create opportunities for insurers, brokers, agencies and service providers to engage employees, amplify their community impact and help create a more sustainable industry through grant giving, volunteering and leadership.

Through our £30m in community grants to non-profits meeting local needs throughout the US and UK, the IICF truly brings the industry’s social purpose to life. It does this in three ways:

First, the IICF creates an industry-wide platform for charitable giving, volunteering and community engagement to amplify companies’ collective impact and demonstrate commitment to future employees who want to give back and make a difference.

Second, the foundation creates connections with the social mobility charities IICF supports to help companies access diverse talent and future skills, and to develop the insurance leaders of tomorrow. For example, the IICF held a series of webinars on themes of diversity last autumn during which the director of a small insurance firm described the value an alumni of Key 4 Life, an IICF grant recipient, has brought to his organisation.

Finally, the IICF enhances the reputation of insurance by uniting competitors in charitable activities that bring about positive change in our communities and our industry. Even though we’ve been apart for much of this past year, the IIICF has been able to step in and provide vital support at a time where smaller charities are struggling to meet growing needs.

Across its five divisions in the UK and US, the IICF has raised over £1m in funds through its Covid-19 campaigns and has provided 2.5 million meals and helped hundreds of thousands children and families. This great achievement demonstrates the power of collaboration and collective action.

As part of this, IICF UK helped over 3250 individuals and families and raised over £105,000 through generous donations from individuals and companies including Coverys, CNA Hardy, Chubb, the International Underwriting Authority, Axa XL, Pool Re and Mayer Brown.

“The opportunity to come together as an industry to support critical needs in our communities is a powerful one and there’s much more we can achieve collectively,” says Suzanne Scatliffe, Director of corporate social responsibility at Axa XL and IICF UK Board Chair.

Recognising that recovery from the pandemic is going to take time and brings new challenges to our local communities, the IICF has launched a second campaign to alleviate food and digital poverty, which you can be part of.

Be part of the future story of impact

1. Make a donation or gift in kind to the IICF UK Covid-19 Revitalising Communities Fund. Your donation will make a real difference to people impacted by digital exclusion and food poverty in our local communities.

2. Attend IICF’s Inclusion in Insurance Forum. Join hundreds of insurance leaders virtually on 15-17 June for dynamic sessions on diversity, inclusion, and innovation to Advance Ideas into Action.

3. Partner with us. Join a network of senior executives with shared values and a commitment to making a difference as an Affiliate Member or on the IICF UK Board of Directors. If you want to know more, watch this short film which captures the IICF’s achievements in the UK over the past five years.

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