Our Impact

IICF has awarded £30 million in local community grants and has contributed more than 300,000 hours of volunteer service globally. In the UK, our grants have helped change the lives of more than 5,000 people in communities in Scotland and across England.

We award grants to local charities within the focus areas of education and social mobility to help people across the country gain skills and confidence to excel at school, find meaningful employment and make a new start in life. IICF is proud to support seven charities this year through our annual Community Grants Programme and COVID-19 Community Relief Fund and three charities with volunteering support: Founders4Schools, KidsOut and St Giles. 

Click here to explore volunteering opportunities with these charities. Click here to learn how we’ve supported our charity partners during the COVID-19 pandemic and visit our news page for stories of impact from previous grant recipients.

IICF UK does not accept unsolicited requests for grants. 

 2022 Grant Recipients


The Insurance Industry Charitable Foundation (IICF) does not work directly with children or vulnerable adults; however, it does provide funding to charitable organisations that work with these populations.

The IICF aims to meet its commitment to support grant recipients and their programmes to ensure that they are safe for children, young people and adults at risk. The Foundation does so through a structured grants selection process that seeks to ensure that grant recipients take their responsibility seriously and that safeguards are in place in these charities to protect vulnerable people.

In particular, the IICF completes the following checks as part of its due diligence process and selection of grant recipient charities:

  • Identify any matters that have come to the attention of the applicant’s regulatory body (i.e., OSCR in Scotland, The Charity Commission in England & Wales);
  • confirm a safeguarding policy is in place for children, young people and adults at risk; and
  • in areas of funding where it is considered particularly relevant, formally ask the applicant of any safeguarding incidents within the past year.

The IICF also asks grant recipient charities to describe any risks or issues associated with the funded project in quarterly reports submitted by each charity and will contact the charity to discuss any issues considered relevant to safeguarding.