IICF UK Covid-19 Revitalising Communities Fund

HELP BRIDGE THE DIGITAL DIVIDE. Join THE IICF in raising £50,000 to help more than 400 families facing digital and food poverty receivE vital services & SUPPORT.

Having received a tremendous amount of support from our initial industry-wide campaign, which raised over £105,000 and helped over 3,250 individuals and families, we recognise that recovery from this pandemic is going to take time, is not going to be easy and brings new challenges to our local communities.

One such issue is digital poverty. The crisis has deepened the digital divide, making it more difficult to complete online schoolwork, apply for jobs, manage money on-line, and access vital services, leading to lost education and opportunity for the country’s most vulnerable.

Digital poverty is not a standalone issue and is often correlated with food poverty; with people being forced to choose between food for the week and internet access – many choosing to go hungry so they can access online support or continue to support their children’s online education.

IICF believes the Industry can play an important role in revitalising communities; providing funds, equipment and practical support to disadvantaged people and the charities we support.

How can you help?

https://givi.ng/l21bHelp charities on the road to recovery, and make a real difference to people impacted by digital exclusion:

  • Make a personal or corporate donation and consider matched funding.
  • Donate a gift-in-kind. Donate used devices and equipment to local charities. View a list of Ogranisations Accepting Donations identified by IICF or visit the Restart Project for a list of organisations around the country accepting individual and corporate donations. IICF does not have a relationship any of these organisations.
  • Share our campaign and invite people in your professional and LinkedIn network to donate.

You can learn more about becoming a campaign champion here: IICF UK Campaign_Tiers of Support

On behalf of the communities we serve, IICF thanks you for your support.


Proceeds will help address the issue of digital exclusion and provide invaluable support – helping disadvantaged people access food and vital services, as well as providing internet access and technology to help them continue their education and support online.

£25 could help feed someone who is socially isolated or a family living in poverty

£500 could help 5 secondary students from disadvantaged families to get into a top university

£10,000 could allow 18 young men aged 18-25 to complete Key4Life’s unique programme and enter employment

£20,000 could help 20 adults in London with complex needs including homelessness, mental health issues, and unemployment to become positive contributors to society.

Learn how we helped local charities with funds from our first campaign.


Please reach out and email your friends and colleagues and let them know how they can donate and make a difference. Together we can make a much greater impact!

You can also sign up to learn more about IICF’s impact in local communities and how you can get involved in our volunteer projects, leadership and fundraising events and membership opportunities.

Now more than ever, by coming together as an industry, we can make a much greater impact and help people at risk in our local communities. Don’t wait. This is the time to give.